How to Use a Garmin GPS System

By Techwalla Electronics Editor

As a leader in GPS-based retail, Garmin is helping thousands of us be where we want to be. Garmin's extremely diverse array of portable, in-dash and handheld devices allows for many different kinds of customers to take advantage of the relatively new possibilities that GPS offers. By giving customers an electronic "interface," Garmin brings the GPS system straight into your hand, and puts you in the driver's seat. Most of the popular ways Garmin's products are used are outlined right on the website, in Garmin's products presentation pages.

Step 1

Use a Garmin in-dash system to help you drive the hinterlands of America. Garmin's "On the Road" product line helps drivers get from point A to point B with easy to read visual representations of area maps and dash-mounted systems using GPS technology.

Step 2

Get a handheld device. Garmin's "On the Go" product tab reveals an array of devices or add-ons for cell phones, PDAs, etc. Get into the GPS network from your seat in an office or in a restaurant to navigate theoretical trips with one of Garmin's ultra-portable products.

Step 3

Use a high-sensitivity GPS receiver for hiking and wilderness adventures. Garmin's "On the trail" line including the eTrex models of handheld GPS feature durability and high signals for use "out in the wild." Some models also have two-way radio built in for group activities.

Step 4

Get a Garmin product for exercise training. Garmin's "Onto Fitness" category shows that all kinds of athletes use Garmin products to track their fitness. Cyclists are especially fond of the Garmin 305, a device for mounting on the handlebars of a bicycle that measures all kinds of useful things including mileage.

Step 5

Get a Garmin product for your boat or airplane. Garmin offers two more product lines, "On the Water" and "In the Air" for assisting pilots and navigators of seaworthy crafts. Some models can be easily transferred between the boat, plane or car, offering the intrepid driver a real variety of options.