How to Use a Garmin Nuvi

By M.W. Sand

Whether you're moving to a new area, traveling or just bad with directions, a Garmin Nuvi GPS system can be a huge help both with turn-by-turn driving directions and finding restaurants, attractions and other points of interest around the area.

Step 1

Slide the power switch on the top right of the device to turn on system. Proceed through the warning page and onto the main screen. Either select the map, which will acquire the satellites and show your current location, or select "Where To" and enter in an address or choose "Locate attractions."

Step 2

Get directions to a specific location by selecting "Where To," then "Address." To find restaurants, attractions, gas stations, shopping malls or other businesses, select "Points of Interest." You can also spell out the name of the business you are looking for on the Points of Interest page.

Step 3

Change settings. Return to the main menu page and select the wrench icon, then "Select settings." Change the way your Garmin navigates, including route (faster time, shorter distance) and mode of transportation (automobile, bicycle, pedestrian).

Step 4

Search for points of interest in another city. Go back to the Points of Interest page, then select "Near" at the bottom of the screen. This allows you to search a number of different areas, including cities along your travel route. Or, you can simply enter in any city.

Tips & Warnings

  • Adjust the volume of the device by selecting the speaker icon on the bottom right of the main menu page.
  • Find previous searches quickly by selecting the "Previously found" section under the Where To menu.
  • Never use your Garmin Nuvi while driving.