How to Use a PBX System

By Doug Leenhouts

New employees who find themselves working in a large office for the first time can sometimes be overwhelmed at the power of a private branch exchange (PBX) telephone system. Some systems require you to dial a digit before dialing an outside number, some systems use different extension nomenclature, and generally, PBX phones offer many options that plain land lines don't have. Once your extension is set up, you can use your phone to forward calls, send voice mails to an email address or transfer a call to another extension.

Step 1

Make calls to other extensions on your PBX network by simply picking up the receiver and dialing the four-digit extension. You can also dial an outside line by pressing 0 or 1, depending on your system's configuration, then the 10-digit number.

Step 2

Access your voice mail by picking up the receiver, pressing the voice mail button and dialing your security code if one has been set up. You can save or delete messages by pressing the illuminated buttons on the phone's screen. If you are away from your office, dial your 10-digit phone number and press the asterisk key when the auto attendant picks up, then enter your security code to access your voice mail.

Step 3

Transfer an incoming call to another extension by pressing the "Trns" key on the phone, then dialing the extension to which you want to send the call, and finally hanging up the receiver. This is useful for when a caller dials your extension by mistake. There are two methods of transferring: blind transferring, when you don't wait for the extension to pick up, and supervised transferring, where you wait until the extension picks up so you can introduce the two parties.

Step 4

Place an incoming call on hold by pressing the "Hold" button and hanging up the receiver. This will put the caller on hold for some time before the phone rings again, signifying that the caller is still holding. Depending on the type of phone and PBX system you have, there may be a light that blinks on the phone screen to let you know what line the caller is on.

Step 5

Log into the administrator Web page and consult your system's user manual to use the other features of your specific PBX system.

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