How to Use a TomTom GPS

By Amy McClain

TomTom's GPS devices provide consumers with portable navigation solutions. Download maps, view turn-by-turn updates and listen to spoken directions on trips across town or across the country. TomTom has a variety of GPS products, but basic use and inputting destination information are almost identical across the board. If you're just taking your TomTom out of the box, you'll need to perform a few extra steps to complete set up.

Step 1

Ensure your TomTom unit is fully charged. A full charge requires approximately two hours. Power the unit by pressing and holding the "On/Off" button for approximately two seconds. Make sure you are in an unobstructed area. Wait for the TomTom to power up and acquire a satellite signal.

Step 2

Answer the on-screen questions to set up your device. The questions only appear if this is the first time you've used your TomTom. Otherwise, the driving view and your current location will be displayed.

Step 3

Tap the center of the screen to open the main menu. Tap "Navigate To" and then tap "Address."

Step 4

Choose the option that describes how you wish to enter the address you are navigating to. You may tap "City Center," "Street and House Number," "Zip Code" or "Cross Street or Intersection." To enter an exact address, choose the "Street and House Number" option.

Step 5

Type in the requested information by tapping the letters or numbers on the screen. As you type, matching town and street names will appear in a list format. Choose the correct option from the list when it is displayed by tapping it. If prompted, enter the house number by tapping the corresponding numbers on the screen. When you are finished, tap "Done."

Step 6

Select "Yes" or "No" when asked if you need to arrive at a particular time. If "Yes" is chosen, follow the instructions to enter in the desired arrival time.

Step 7

Follow the on screen and spoken directions to reach your destination.

Tips & Warnings

  • Move to an open area if your TomTom takes more than five minutes to acquire your current location.
  • Never enter route information while driving.