How to Use Clipboard on the iPad

By Shawn Farner

The iPad, a tablet computer created by Apple, has the ability to accomplish many tasks that are otherwise reserved for full-fledged desktop computers and laptops. For instance, several word-processing applications available for the iPad allow you to create entire documents. When you are creating and editing documents, you'll need to utilize the clipboard to cut, copy and paste information.

Step 1

Tap on any text field to insert the cursor and bring up the on-screen keyboard.

Step 2

Hold your finger down on text you want to cut or copy. Use the magnifying glass to make sure the cursor is at the right spot, then remove your finger.

Step 3

Press the "Select" option, then move the two edges of the highlighting around and position them to highlight the text you want to cut or copy.

Step 4

Tap the highlighted text and choose "Cut" or "Copy." Choosing "Cut" will remove the text and copy it to the clipboard; selecting "Copy" will copy the text to the clipboard without erasing it.

Step 5

Paste the clipboard text by tapping on the location you want to paste it. Tap the "Paste" option. Your clipboard text is now pasted onto the screen.