How to Use DiskWarrior on your Mac

By Elle Smith

A failing hard drive loaded with months or years of work can be a frightening experience for anyone. DiskWarrior for Mac is an advanced file and disk directory repair utility that can help you recover files and documents when Mac's own Disk Utility program cannot. DiskWarrior finds data that is considered damaged, then builds a new, replacement directory, or the "map," of all the data on the disk. Run the program from the CD to diagnose and repair your Mac's hard drive.

Step 1

Back up data if you can before you use DiskWarrior.

Step 2

Insert the DiskWarrior CD into the optical drive. Select "Restart" from the "Apple" menu. Press "C" on the keyboard as the Mac restarts. The program will open automatically into the DiskWarrior main window after the computer reboots.

Step 3

Select the disk to be rebuilt from the "Disks Pop-Up Menu." Typically, the hard drive will be named "Macintosh HD."

Step 4

Click the "Rebuild" button. DiskWarrior will analyze the files and folders on the disk, then rebuild the directory. Depending upon the number of files on the disk, then can take several minutes.

Step 5

Inspect the DiskWarrior Report to discover the results of the rebuild process. Files that have directory damage will appear in red text. The directory has not been replaced yet.

Step 6

Click "Replace" to use the new replacement directory. Click "Cancel" to leave.

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