How to Use Excel to Set Up Email Blasts

By Vera Leigh

If you have a mass list of emails that need to be used for email blasts to donors, supporters or potential supporters of your business or organization, you can organize the addresses in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets tagged for specific email blasts on specific dates. This format allows anyone working at your business or charity to enact the blast.

Step 1

Open a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Step 2

Click on the sheet tabs at the bottom of the screen. Change the filler text to the dates of specific email blasts. When you click on the tabs, labeled "Sheet 1" or "Sheet 2," the text becomes highlighted. Type your text over the filler text.

Step 3

Click on your first renamed sheet. Click on cell A1. Enter your first email address. Hit "Enter." Your cursor will move to cell A2. Enter your second email address. Hit "Enter." Repeat this process until you have entered all of your email addresses.

Step 4

Lengthen your cells by clicking your cursor on the small vertical bar separating column A from column B. Drag the bar to the right until your email addresses in the cells below are fully visible.

Step 5

Repeat Step 4 in your remaining renamed worksheets. You are ready for a blast. Click cell A1. Hit "Ctrl + A" to highlight your entire list within one worksheet. Hit "Ctrl + C" to copy the list. Move to your email message. Click your cursor in the "To" field. Hit "Ctrl + V" to transfer the email addresses into the field.

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