How to Use Excel's Today Function

By Techwalla Computers Editor

Excel's Today function allows you to do a variety of calculations, from determining the serial value of today's date to figuring out how many days are between the current and future date. This Excel formula allows you to make these calculations with ease and accuracy.

Step 1

Enter today's date into a cell by clicking on the appropriate cell and entering the formula =TODAY(). This will place today's date in the spreadsheet and keep the date current, so each day the date will automatically update appropriately.

Step 2

Determine the date 3 days in the future by entering the formula =TODAY()+3 in the appropriate cell. When you use this formula, the result will automatically update each time you open the spreadsheet.

Step 3

Use the formula =MONTH(TODAY()) to view the current month. Similarly, if you enter the formula =DAY(TODAY()), Excel will always return the current day of the month.

Step 4

Calculate the number of days between now and March 13, 2080, by entering the following Excel formula: =DATEVALUE("3/13/2080")-TODAY(). For this to work properly, the cell you choose should be set to "Number."

Step 5

Find number of days between the current and future date by subtracting two different cells. For instance, if you enter TODAY() in one cell A1 and a future date in cell A3, entering =A3-A1 in a third cell will return the number of days in between.

Step 6

Reformat the date into a numeric value by right-clicking on the cell that contains the result of your Excel formula. Choose "Format Cells" to open up another menu. Select "General" from that list, and your result will no longer be in date format.