How to Use Freeze Frames in Excel

By Kenrick Callwood

Microsoft Excel allows users to freeze specific rows and/or columns so that the data contained within the cells is always visible. This is very advantageous in large spreadsheets that have hundreds or even thousands of entries. The user may choose to freeze the first row so the labels for each of the entries is visible, even if the spreadsheet has been scrolled down to the last entry.

Step 1

Open an Excel spreadsheet with some data.

Step 2

Choose which rows and/or columns to freeze. To freeze rows only, select the row immediately beneath the row or rows you want to remain visible. To freeze columns only, select the column immediately to the right of the column or columns you want to remain visible. To select both rows and columns, select the cell immediately below and to the right of the row and column you want to remain visible.

Step 3

Click the "Window" menu in Excel 2003. Click the "View" tab in Excel 2007/2010.

Step 4

Click "Freeze Panes" in Excel 2003 to complete the process. Click the "Freeze Panes" option with the down arrow and continue to the next step in Excel 2007/2010.

Step 5

Select "Freeze Panes" from the drop-down menu in Excel 2007/2010 to complete the process.

Tips & Warnings

  • Excel 2007/2010 offer the ability to freeze just the top row or first column without making any cell selections. These options are found under the "Freeze Panes" drop-down menu in the "View" tab.