How to Use iPhoto to Make a Collage

By John Ruiz

The iPhoto application on your Mac has basic photo management and editing capabilities. It even has a few hidden features. Hidden in the Mail options are templates that arrange images in interesting layouts. Send the resulting collage to people by email or to yourself for further editing using another app; when you are satisfied with the results, upload it to your favorite social networking site.

Step 1

Click "Photos" on the iPhoto sidebar. Hold the "Command" key on your keyboard and select the pictures you want to be part of the collage.

Step 2

Click the "Share" button and click the "Mail" icon. Enter the email address for the collage in the corresponding field and add a subject. Because there is no way to export the collage locally, use your own email address as the destination if you want a copy of the collage.

Step 3

Pick a collage template from the list of styles on the right side of the iPhoto window. Only a few of these designs are collages, so pick a style like "Corkboard" or "Postcard." Uncheck the "Attach photos to message" check box so the collage sends faster.

Step 4

Click the "Send" button to send the collage to the designated email address.

Step 5

Log into your email account and open the mail containing the collage if you sent it to yourself. Drag the collage image to your desktop to export it in JPEG format so you can edit it in your favorite image-editing program.

Tips & Warnings

  • To access the full selection of collage templates, select 10 or fewer photos.
  • To customize the look of the collage, click on any of the images in the collage preview and adjust the slider to change the zoom of the image. You may also drag the image to another spot to rearrange the order the images appear on the collage.
  • Click on the "Insert Title" text to add a custom title to the collage. Do the same with the "Insert your message here" field too if you like. A formatting bar appears so you can change the font and type size.
  • The style selection sidebar doesn't appear if you assigned a different email application to iPhoto. Put this setting back to its default by clicking "iPhoto" on the menu bar followed by "Preferences" and then changing the "Email photos using:" option to "iPhoto."
  • Information in this article applies to iPhoto 9.5.1. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.