How to Use PlayStation Eye With a PC

By Megan Thacker

The PlayStation Eye web camera allows players to incorporate video into a PlayStation 3 production. This successor to the PlayStation 2 Eye Toy produces high-quality digital images and is paired with an advanced microphone. The desirable features of the PSEye leave many owners wanting to use their camera on a PC. The PSEye does not come with the necessary drivers to use the camera on a PC, but Code Laboratories offers a free download of the drivers on its website.

Things You'll Need

  • CL-Eye Driver

Step 1

Leave the PSEye unplugged from your PC and install the drivers before connecting the camera to your computer.

Step 2

Navigate to the Code Laboratories website. Click the button that says "Download CL-Eye Driver." Save the file in a location you will remember, such as on your desktop.

Step 3

Find and locate the downloaded file, which is titled "CL-Eye-Driver-" Open the file and complete the installation process. First click "Next" and agree to the software terms of use. Wait for the installation to process, then click "Finish."

Step 4

Connect the PSEye to your PC through a USB port. Open the camera testing software by opening the start menu, then clicking "All Programs," "CL-Eye Driver" and "CL-Eye Test."

Step 5

Use your camera with websites like YouTube and with instant messengers such as Yahoo! Instant Messenger. The PSEye will function like any other web camera.

Tips & Warnings

  • It may be necessary to complete the installation process in Safe Mode.