How to Use PowerPoint

By Hunter Taylor

PowerPoint is a component of the Microsoft Office package that is used for presentations. Animation, graphics and compelling information combine to create a presentation that engages and enlightens the audience. Here's how to use PowerPoint effectively in your next presentation.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft PowerPoint

Step 1

Open Microsoft PowerPoint. The first item presented is a slide. It contains a title (large box) and subtitle (smaller box) section.

Step 2

Type "The First Presentation" in the "Title" section. Under it--the "Subtitle" section--type your name. This is the first slide of the presentation.

Step 3

Insert an additional slide with the "Title and Content" layout. As an example, type "Buy a Car" in the "Title" section. Type "Finance" and "Size" in the "Content" section. After each topic in the "Content" section, hit the "Enter" key. This ensures that each topic has a bullet point.

Step 4

Insert a new slide with the "Title and Content" layout. In the "Title" section, type "Finance." Click in the "Content" section and go to "Insert" and "Clip Art." Double-click on any picture of money to insert it into the slide.

Step 5

Insert another slide with the "Comparison" layout. Type "Size" in the "Title" section. Type "Large" in the left heading title and "Small" in the right heading title. Under each section, type the benefits of having a large car as compared to a small car.

Step 6

Press the F5 key to view the presentation, which PowerPoint also calls the "Slide Show." Press the down arrow key to advance to the next slide.

Tips & Warnings

  • PowerPoint's moving text and graphics are created using animations feature. Right-click on the slide to change the background's color. PowerPoint has pre-formatted templates for many presentations, such as starting a business or presenting a strategic plan (see Resources below).