How to Use Quotes on Twitter

By Sara Hickman

When you’re reading a book, website or magazine and a quote sticks out, you automatically want to share it with someone. Whether it is inspirational or moving, one of the best ways to reach the most people is by posting the quote on Twitter. There are a variety of ways you can share a quote on Twitter with your followers.

Step 1

Copy and paste the quote or type it in the message box if it is less than 140 characters. Add an "@reply" of the person who said it after the quotation marks or type the person's name to give credit.

Step 2

Visit the TinyUrl website (see Resources) and paste the quote or type it if it is more than 140 characters. Copy the provided (and shortened) link into your tweet box on your Twitter account. Add an "@reply" or attribution at the end of the link.

Step 3

Type or paste the quote. If it is more than 140 characters and you must shorten it to fit the quote and/or attribution, use ellipsis (…) to show where you removed part of the quote.

Step 4

Retweet a quote someone else posted on Twitter if you find it interesting. Select the “Retweet” option in the bottom-right corner of the original tweet. You can also copy and paste the message with an "RT" (retweet) before the person's handle with an "@reply."

Tips & Warnings

  • Include hash tags with quotes if applicable. This will allow people searching for similar terms to find your tweets and possibly increase your followers.
  • Always give attribution where it is deserved. Neglecting attribution is a form of plagiarism. You can get blocked and banned from Twitter for such behavior.