How to Use the Master Slide View in PowerPoint

By Techwalla Computers Editor

The Master Slide view in Microsoft PowerPoint contains the settings that determine the format of your slides, including color schemes, fonts, header and footer information, bulleted list format and many other items. Making changes to the master pages alters the look of the entire presentation with a single click. Although many elements are set when you choose the basic layout of your PowerPoint, Master Slides give you more control over the look of your presentation.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft PowerPoint software

Step 1

Open your presentation and select "View" and then "Master" and "Slide Master" from the menu. This displays the Slide Master and allows you to begin your modifications.

Step 2

Change the colors in your presentation to match the message you are trying to present. Choose "Background" from the Format menu and click the drop-down menu to display color choices. Limit your colors to around five so that you aren't making the presentation too distracting. It's best to use dark backgrounds with lighter text. Click "Apply" to apply your changes to all slides in the slide show.

Step 3

Check the font settings on the format bar at the top of the screen. Font size should be between 30 and 50 point; highlight the different text areas, such as titles and bulleted lists, and use the arrow beside the font size to adjust your text. Also change the font type and color if desired. Remember to match text color to balance the background color and limit font types to two or three different styles.

Step 4

Add your own background image to the Master Slide to add even more drama to your presentation. The background image can be changed by right-clicking, then selecting "Background" from the menu. Click the drop-down menu and choose "Fill Effects" to go to the correct screen. Under the "Picture" tab is an area to select your desired image. Keep images simple to reduce distractions in your slide show.

Step 5

Adjust the size of the text areas to meet your needs. PowerPoint comes with the text areas sized a certain way, but you may want more area for text or pictures. You can also move the location of each text area.

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