How to Use the McAfee Shredder

By Techwalla Contributor

How to Use the McAfee Shredder. The McAfee Shredder is a neat feature of the McAfee Security Center that allows you to permanently delete files from your hard drive. Much like a paper shredder, this is very useful if you want to get rid of financial documents or other personal files that are stored on your computer.

Step 1

Open the McAfee Security Center. You can do this by double-clicking its icon in the System Tray or by selecting its shortcut from the Programs list of the Start Menu.

Step 2

Find the tab labeled "Tools" on the left side of the Security Center interface and click on it.

Step 3

Select the Shredder from the list of available tools in the top left of the Security Center window.

Step 4

Tell the Shredder how much data to erase by choosing to either "Erase files and folders" or "Erase an entire disk."

Step 5

Tell the Shredder how many times to process the file it's erasing. "Quick" shreds the file once, "Comprehensive" shreds it seven times and "Custom" can shred it up to 10 times.

Step 6

Select the files you want to shred. You can erase the Temporary Internet Files or the contents of the Recycle Bin, or you can erase specific files by clicking on "Browse" and finding them on your hard drive.

Step 7

Double-check the files and make sure it's alright for them to be permanently deleted. When you're ready to begin shredding, click "Finish."

Tips & Warnings

  • If you want to erase files from your hard drive without completely losing them, back them up to an external drive or optical media before shredding them.