How to Use the Skype Callto:// Links

By Techwalla Internet Editor

You can use Skype callto:// links to launch Skype calls from your Web browser or emails. You can also embed Skype "Call Me" buttons into your blogs and Web sites so your friends can send you Skype calls. It works just like a hyperlink and all you need is the Skype software and these instructions.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet access
  • Computer
  • Skype account

Step 1

Download and register Skype. Visit the Skype Web site and click "Download now." Skype will walk you through the rest.

Step 2

Open up your HTML editor. Begin composing an email, a Web site or a blog entry and turn on the option that lets you use HTML. You may need to poke around in your options or settings, but usually there is a check box for it.

Step 3

Create a hyperlink. Either use the HTML tag <a href="denied:"callto://YourUserNameHere"">LINK TEXT </a> or use your composer's features to help you. When asked for a URL, type in "callto://YourUserNameHere." Now, publish your Web page or send your email.

Step 4

Preview your page. Examine what you just published.

Step 5

Test your link. Click the link you just made.

Step 6

Allow Skype to launch. As a security measure, most browsers will check with you before launching a program from a link. Go ahead and click "Launch Application" or "Okay."

Step 7

Log in. If you are not logged in already, Skype will prompt you to log in. Your call sends automatically.

Step 8

Make sure HTML is enabled. Check your settings again and make sure you clicked "Apply."

Step 9

Double-check the tags. Do not forget to close the tag. Each tag should have an angle bracket. Do not forget to close the quotes on your URL.

Step 10

Make sure you did not make any typos. That is usually the case when you get a "username not found" error.

Tips & Warnings

  • When testing your own link, it will probably say, "You cannot call yourself!" Don't worry-it will work for everyone else.
  • When your friends send you callto:// links, just click on them like you did when you tested yours.
  • You can use the "Skype Call Me" button, too. Visit the Skype Web site and click "Skype buttons" under "Share" at the bottom of the page.
  • You may have to enable "callto://" links in the advanced options.
  • Your friends must have Skype installed for the link to work.