How to Use Twitch in Premiere Pro

By Doug Vintage

Premiere Pro is a digital video production application developed by Adobe Systems for Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. The CS5 version of Premiere Pro is compatible with many of the same third-party effect filter plug-ins as After Effects, another Adobe video application. The Twitch plug-in by Video Copilot is an effect that allows for advanced blur, scale, color and slide behaviors on multiple video tracks. While Twitch was initially developed for use in After Effects, it is also compatible with Premiere Pro CS5.

Step 1

Browse to the directory containing the Twitch plug-in you downloaded from Video Copilot. Copy the "Twitch.aex" and "Twitch_ae.key" files.

Step 2

Browse to the "Program Files" directory of your computer. Double-click on "Adobe," then "Common," then "Plug-ins," then "CS5," then "Media Core."

Step 3

Right-click on an empty area in the Media Core folder. Highlight "New," and select "Folder" from the drop-down menu. Set the name of the folder to "Twitch."

Step 4

Paste the copied "Twitch.aex" and "Twitch_ae.key" files into the newly created folder.

Step 5

Launch the Premiere Pro application.

Step 6

Click on the video track to which you want to apply the Twitch effect. Expand the "Video Effects" folder in the Effects tab of the project menu. Click and drag the "Twitch" effect from the Video Copilot folder onto the active video track.

Step 7

Click the individual "Enable" check boxes for each desired effect in the Twitch controls menu. Set the "Amount" and "Speed" attributes to the desired values, using the slider controls. Press the "Space Bar" to preview the video track with the applied Twitch effect.