How to Use Yahoo Email

By LaDonna Hadley

Yahoo Mail is easy to use and customize. Read on to learn the various options to use Yahoo Mail to its fullest.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Internet Access
  • Yahoo email program downloaded on the computer
  • Yahoo account with a username and password (FREE sign up at

It’s easy to navigate Yahoo Mail and use its features. In addition the inbox and folders, you can access your contacts, calendar, messenger, notes and news. Other tools include changing the theme and settings.

Navigation Icons


Mail gives you a menu of the individual emails in your Inbox and other Folders. The default selection includes Drafts, Sent, Spam, Trash, Smart Views and Recent emails. Clicking on each one opens a list of those emails. To write a new email, click on Compose.


The Contacts icon opens a menu to view All Contacts and Deleted Contacts, and displays options to import Contacts from other accounts. You can also create a New List.



The Calendar shows your own personalized calendar enables you to click New Event or add a reminder. You can also click Actions to Create New Calendars, Create New To Do’s List, Share your calendar with others, and Add details. You can choose how you want the calendar to display by clicking on the options along the top menu bar.

Adding an Event


The fourth icon leads to the Notepad screen. This option allows you to write notes that can be viewed from any device you use to access your email. This screen also lets you Move and Delete notes.

New Notes

Yahoo Messenger

Clicking the Yahoo Messenger icon opens a pop-up screen. When signed in to Messenger, you can send and receive instant messages to other Yahoo members.


You aren’t automatically signed in to Yahoo Messenger when you sign in to Yahoo or Yahoo Mail. You must click on Available to send instant messages.

Yahoo Messenger


Other options allow your status to show as Busy, Invisible or a Custom Status that you designate.

News Feed

The News Feed screen shows News, Finance, Entertainment, Sports, Lifestyles, Technology and Science news for the day.

News Feed

After you Sign In to your Yahoo Email account, your page features six navigation icons at the top left.

  • Mail
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Notepad
  • Messenger
  • News Feed

Other Navigation Tools

The Yahoo email page also includes these other navigation tools.

  • Search
  • Home
  • Account
  • Settings

You can search email, calendars, your other tools or the Internet without opening a new window in your browser. Along the top of the Yahoo email page is a Search box. Use this to search the page you're on by name or subject. You can also click Search Web to conduct a search for Web content.

Search Email


The search option changes for the feature you've selected. For example:

  • To search for an email from a specific sender, make sure you're in the email feature by clicking on the envelope icon before searching.
  • To search for a calendar entry, click on the calendar icon first, and then search.

Settings Icon

On the top right of the home page are three more icons. The first is Home and opens your Yahoo home page in a new window. The second opens a pop-up that shows the account you are signed into and gives you the options to Add an Account and Sign Out. The third is Settings. Click on Settings to open a menu to change the Theme, Settings, Privacy and Account Information. This is also where you can upgrade to Ad Free Mail.



After choosing a theme, click Done to save changes.

General Settings


After adjusting any of the settings, remember to click Save.