How to Verify Mailing Addresses

By Ian Moore

If you are not sure whether a particular mailing address is active, then the location needs to be verified. For whatever reason, people move, change residences, and businesses relocate. Sometimes a phone book or website will not update the address listing until months later. Verifying a mailing address is strongly recommended to avoid sending mail to the wrong location and having it returned.

Step 1

Check the current address. Contact the resident or owner of the address and review the listing in a phone book.

Step 2

Go to an address verification website. "Search Bug" and "Melissa Data" are two websites that provide a free in-depth mailing address verification service.

Step 3

Enter the address into the space provided. Include the street address, city, state, zip code, and apartment number if necessary. Click "Enter."

Step 4

Click "Verify" to view the address results. The screen will display whether or not the address is verified.