How to View All Unread Emails on Yahoo

By Irene A. Blake

As you probably noticed on day one of using Yahoo Mail, all messages appear in the Inbox and folders, sorted with the most recent message at the top. Although this is a default setting, you can change it. Rearrange your emails effortlessly by their read or unread status using Yahoo Mail's View menu.

Changing Views

Whether you have Yahoo Mail set to display conversations or not, the method for viewing all unread emails is via the View menu, clearly displayed at the top right corner of the messages area. To make your change, click “View” and then select “Unread Messages.”

Sorting Options

If you like the convenience of viewing messages by date and unread status, you might appreciate Yahoo Mail's additional sorting options. With conversations disabled, you can sort by sender or subject line, as well as by emails that have attachments or that you starred as important. When you enable conversations, you can use all options except Sender and Subject.

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