How to View My Yahoo! Instant Messenger Buddy List

By Shannon Cotton

Your Yahoo! Messenger buddy list contains the names and contact information for all of your friends with whom you IM using the Yahoo! service. You can view your buddy list when you sign in to Yahoo! Messenger on a computer; if you use Yahoo! Messenger on your mobile phone, you can use text message commands to view your buddy list.

View Your Buddy List on a Computer

Step 1

Open the Yahoo! Messenger program and sign in using your user name and password. Your friends list should be displayed when you log in.

Step 2

Click the "Contacts" tab at the top of the Yahoo! Messenger window if you see a list of your friends' activity instead of your buddy list. Click the arrow next to "Friends" to expand your contact list.

Step 3

Click the down arrow next to "Contacts" at the top of the Messenger window to sort your buddy list or change your options. You can choose to only display online contacts, or you can sort your friends by name, availability or recent activity.

View Your Buddy List on a Mobile Phone

Step 1

Sign in to Yahoo! Messenger on your mobile phone by sending a text message containing your Yahoo! ID and password to the code for your wireless carrier (92466 for most U.S. carriers, see "Resources" for a full list of these codes). Leave a space between your ID and password.

Step 2

Type the word "get," and text it to the code for your wireless carrier. If you want to see your entire buddy list--not just contacts currently online--text "get all."

Step 3

Type "get" to view contacts starting with a specific letter. To view a particular group of buddies, type "get." Send the command in a text message to the appropriate code.

Step 4

Reply to the message containing your buddy list with the code "more" to view the next group of contacts, if applicable.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can set your Yahoo! Messenger to automatically send messages to your cell phone when you log off on your computer. Click "Preferences" on the Messenger menu and adjust your settings under the "General" tab.
  • Standard text-messaging fees apply when using Yahoo! Messenger on your cell phone.