How to View Someone's Bio in Twitter

By Andrew Tennyson

Each Twitter account has a profile page containing a biography section into which the account's owner can place a brief descriptive blurb. Use the Search Twitter box on any page of the Twitter website to search for the user whose bio you want to view or click the name of any user displayed on your Twitter home screen.

Step 1

Sign in to your [Twitter account]( and click the **Home** tab if your home timeline doesn’t open automatically.

Step 2

Click the **Search Twitter** field, enter the name or Twitter handle of the person or account you want to view and then click the account on the search results. You can also search by keywords.

Step 3

Bypass the search function by clicking on the name of any user you see on Twitter to open a profile. In most cases, this opens the profile summary; in some cases it opens the full profile. Both display the user's bio.

Step 4

Locate the account's bio on the left of the full profile page or at the top of the summary profile under the user's name. If a Twitter account is set to private, you won’t be able to view the user’s bio unless the user approves you as a follower.

Tips & Warnings

  • On mobile devices, tap the Search icon in the top corner of the official Twitter app and search for the user whose profile you want to view. The user's bio is located near the top of the profile page directly above the listing of the most recent tweets.
  • Twitter bios have a maximum length of 160 characters.
  • To change your personal bio on Twitter, click your profile picture and select View Profile. Click the Edit Profile button on the right of the screen to make your profile editable. Enter a new bio on the left of the screen and then click Save Changes.