How to view your phone bill online

By Chris Yokum

Managing and viewing your phone bill online is a smart way to prevent overspending. Going over your allotted cell phone minutes is never a good thing. The overage charges could cause your phone bill to increase drastically. With a few simple tips, you'll be able to view your phone bill online and take control of your monthly bills.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet

  • Phone account

  • Account number

Step 1

Look at your most recent phone bill and figure out if you can easily manage your account online. Usually, major phone companies will list a web address for monitoring, making changes or getting help for your phone account. It is far easier to offer 24/7 account access through the Internet, rather than over the phone.

Step 2

Contact a customer service representative if you do not find a web address for account access. They are very helpful when guiding you through the steps of online access for your phone bill. You will not need to call a representative each time you want to view your phone bill information.

Step 3

Create a username and password for your phone account. This will allow you to easily view your current phone service plan, the amount of minutes you are currently using and even pay your most recent phone bill.

Step 4

Look for the view bill option when you gain access into your phone bill account. Not only will you be able to view a current phone bill, but you will also be able to look at past bills. This can come in handy if you are using your phone for business purposes. Gathering previous bills can help tremendously when doing your yearly taxes.

Step 5

Check your payment history. If you ever have a discrepancy in your account when it comes to late payments or non-payments, then this feature will prove to be useful. Print a history of all of your payments and then file them in a secure place.

Step 6

Keep your password and username in a secret place. Allowing someone to get unwanted access to this information could be a catastrophe. They would be able to make changes to your phone account without permission.

Tips & Warnings

  • Enable cookies for a more user-friendly browser experience when viewing your online phone account.

  • Regularly monitor your phone account online for recent changes.

  • Always gain access to your phone account for smarter phone management.
  • Never let anyone access your phone account without permission.