How to Watch Pay-Per-View TV on a PC

By Greyson Ferguson

Pay-per-view programming is television content you pay extra for. This is typically a new movie displayed on your cable or satellite receiver or a specific sporting event not carried by a sports network. Although your cable or satellite receiver is typically connected to a television to display this programming, it is possible to view the content on a PC.

Things You'll Need

  • TV tuner or TV tuner card
  • Computer
  • Cable/satellite receiver
  • Coaxial cable

Step 1

Connect a TV tuner to your computer. There are external TV tuner cards available that connect directly to a USB port on your computer. Once connected, install all drivers and software provided with the TV tuner.

Step 2

Connect the coaxial cable into the "Out" port on the cable/satellite receiver, and then insert the opposite end of the cable into the "In" port on the TV tuner.

Step 3

Power on the cable/satellite receiver, and launch the programming you installed for the TV tuner.

Step 4

Adjust the satellite/cable receiver to the station of the pay-per-view event you want to view. Once it appears, select "Purchase" and choose "OK." The event automatically appears on your next monthly cable bill. After the receiver has finished processing your request, the programming appears on the computer monitor.