How to Wirelessly Connect a Mac to a TV

If you've ever thought it would be fun to see your computer screen enlarged on a flat-screen TV, try a wireless connection between the Mac and your TV. Wireless video transmitters connect to your computer and send a wireless signal for the TV to pick up and display. There are a number of devices, so compare their features to see which is the best one for you. Once it is hooked up, you can watch videos, view photos, and surf the Internet using your TV as the monitor.

Connecting a wireless converter to your computer allows you to turn your TV into a monitor.

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Purchase a wireless converter (See Resources). These converters connect to a VGA source, such as a Mac, and send both audio and video signals to your TV.


Hook up the wireless converter to your TV, and program it. Use the User's Manual with the converter to set up the connection.


Turn on your Mac and the TV. You now see what's on your computer screen on the TV.

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