How to Write an Introduction Slide

By Techwalla Contributor

How to Write an Introduction Slide. Writing an introduction slide is similar to writing the intro to any document except your audience is listening instead of reading. It's your chance to make a good first impression. The role of the intro is to grab your listeners' attention and give them an overview of what's to come. Success relies on you knowing the purpose of your presentation and your audience.

Step 1

Determine what your presentation is about. That may seem apparent on the surface, but as you write, you may discover that its purpose is slightly different than what you originally thought. Some people find it useful to write the introduction last.

Step 2

Remember the basics of good writing. For the introduction slide, create a topic sentence and stick with it throughout the slide. Use transitional words like "however" or "also" to connect thoughts.

Step 3

Write the "lead" to your introduction. This is your chance to draw your listener in and make them care about your presentation. You can use any of several techniques: an attention-getting statement, a rhetorical question, the definition of a problem, personal experience or a quotation.

Step 4

Finish writing the introduction slide by giving the listener an overview of what's to come. This gives them goal posts to look for and helps them follow along with your presentation.

Step 5

Proofread your work carefully for mechanics, organization and transitions. Read it aloud to catch errors in your writing that you might miss when reading it. You will also hear how it sounds, whether it flows with smooth transitions and is organized logically.

Step 6

Ask someone else to read it. Although you know what you are trying to say, this technique gives you a chance to see if the reader understands your point.