How to Write an Introduction Slide

Make a splash. Use different, unusual fonts, colors and graphics. People view thirty million slide presentations worldwide every day (refer to slide #2 ttp:// Make yours stand out.

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Your job is to make information interesting, so make your first slide awesome. Avoid standard templates because they're boring. Google some great examples of slide shows and emulate them; most make first slide messages super-simple and super-sized.

Get free images from places like ( and stock.xchng ( to make your introduction simple and direct. Choose colors that stand out and that reflect the tone of your presentation, whether it is persuasive or technical ( If your presentation is about men's ties, there's a color to express that (mauve). If it is about automobile transmissions, there are colors for that, too (steel gray). Try Colourlovers ( or Colorhunter ( and find the colors you need. The best slide-show advice ( has it that three fonts is the limit. This means throughout your presentation, so start with the introductory slide. Find new fonts at font squirrel ( and da font ( among others.

People really do judge a book by its cover, so you want your cover – your introduction slide -- to wake your viewers up and grab their attention, simply and directly.

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