HP Pavilion ZE4400 Specifications

The HP Pavilion series of desktops and laptops were first introduced in 1995 by Hewlett-Packard. In 1995, the HP Pavilion PC was introduced with great success, followed by various laptop configurations. When HP merged with Compaq in 2001, the Pavilion series continued under the Hewlett-Packard name, including the ZE4400 notebook. The ZE prefix in front of the model number indicated that the processing power of the notebook was provided by chip manufacturer AMD.



The processor used in the ZE4400 was the AMD Athlon operating at 1.47GHz. More expensive models in the 4400 series had faster processors, going all the way to 2GHz. The processor was based upon previous AMD K7 technology and was able to be used in a smaller, faster chip than had been used. In addition, there was a performance enhancement when the frequency of the front side bus from 200 to 266MHz.


The HP Pavilion ZE4400 was equipped with 128 megabytes of SDRAM preinstalled, but it was capable of a memory expansion of up to 1024MB of SDRAM. Since the memory was in SDRAM format, it had to be installed in matching pairs -- so the only way that 1024MB could be achieved would be to use two 512MB SDRAM modules. SDRAM was one of the slowest kinds of memory available.


The HP Pavilion ZE4400 shipped with a 14.1-inch ZGA active-matrix TFT display. This was a liquid crystal display that was capable of displaying a pixel resolution of 1024 by 768.


The HP Pavilion ZE4400 had video processing provided by the ATI Mobile Radeon graphics accelerator. Rather than having the computer process the video requirements, the graphics accelerator was able to take the workload onto itself, allowing for smoother, faster performance from the computer. The ZE4400 had 16MB of video memory dedicated to the graphics accelerator, which allowed programs such as Photoshop and even some video games to function properly on the system.


Storage on the HP Pavilion ZE4400 was done on an ATA5700 120 gigabyte hard drive. This hard drive could be removed and replaced with a larger hard drive, if desired. The hard drive was equipped with a security chip that prevented the operating system from being tampered with.

Operating System

The operating system that was installed on the Pavilion ZE4400 was the Windows XP Home Edition. Some of the more expensive 4400 series, however, had Windows XP Professional Edition installed on them.