I Can't Download a File from MediaFire

MediaFire is a file-sharing website used by individuals and businesses. Accounts can be free or paid. You may upload files to MediaFire to share with people anywhere in the world. To download a file, a recipient must have its exact URL or receive the link directly from you. Once he follows the link, no timers or "CAPTCHA" verifications are necessary. The title of the file will display, along with a blue link that states, "Click Here to Download from MediaFire."

It takes one click to download from MediaFire.

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MediaFire lets you download files for free. They don't make you wait long. Instead, you can download your file after a few seconds. If you wait too long to click the download link, however, the link will expire. Therefore, if you click the link after a wait, nothing happens. You still can download the file by either revisiting the link or refreshing the page by clicking the refresh icon in the address bar. Alternatively, press the "F5" key.


MediaFire does not have file size limits, so it's possible to encounter downloads that are 4 GB or more. Accelerators are useful for large downloads, because you can resume the file if the connection is lost. When downloading from some websites, though, an accelerator will interfere with the download. If you have a download accelerator, disable it until your download is complete.

Outdated Files

If you're downloading from a MediaFire user who has a paid, premium account, the download remains accessible until the user takes it down or cancels his account. Most MediaFire users have free accounts. Files in these accounts remain on the server only as long as the account is active. An account is considered active if it is accessed or used at least once in a 30-day period. If an account is no longer active, it is considered "Offline," and you will need to find another source.

Mobile Browsers

MediaFire is usable on mobile web browsers, although it will be harder to navigate the site. Since MediaFire doesn't have an actual mobile site, you will be reviewing the full site on a tiny screen. Before you begin, ads will display above and below the download link. Therefore, when you try to press "Download," you'll actually end up tapping one of the ads. Double-tap the screen to zoom in, or use pinch and zoom with your fingers to improve your accuracy.

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