Instructions for the Canon P200-DH Calculator

By Breann Kanobi

The Canon P200-DH calculator performs accurate transactions that deal with addition, subtraction and multiplication. The calculator is typically used by accountants or people who must perform business transactions. If you want a record of your calculations, insert paper into the calculator and choose the "Print On" option. This prints all your transactions in a receiptlike fashion. The Canon P200-DH works much like a typical accounting calculator and can be purchased online or at office-supply stores.

Step 1

Pull the insulation tape from the back of the calculator before the first use. The calculator should be loaded with paper.

Step 2

Push the "Power" switch to "Power On/Print On" or "Power On/Print Off."

Step 3

Push the switch on the side of the P200 to change the mode. At "+" the addition and subtraction functions automatically use a 2-digit decimal. At "0," there is no decimal place and you use integers. At "2," there are two decimal places. At "F," you use a "floating decimal point" and all numbers up to 12 digits are displayed.

Step 4

Adjust the Rounding switch. Move it to arrow up to round-up, arrow down to round-down or "5/4" to round off.

Step 5

Hit "+" to add, "x" to multiply, "-" to subtract or "=" to find a sum.

Step 6

Set the time. Press the Power switch to "Date." Hold the "Clock/Date Set" button for three seconds. Enter the date in the format month then day then four-digit year. Press and hold the clock button to open the hour. Enter the time and press the clock button briefly. Press "CE" to return to calculation mode.