JW FLV Player Doesn't Work on Firefox

By Theodora Pennypacker

JW Player is an open-source media player that can stream Flash videos. The framework is embedded on several Web pages across the Internet. If you have any difficulty interacting with a JW FLV Player using your Firefox browser, there are a few things you can check to address the problem. While some of these issues may be specific to Firefox, others are related to Web browsing in general.

Adobe Flash Player Plug-in

When a streaming Flash video fails to load, it is usually because your browser lacks the Adobe Flash Player plug-in. This free component activates playback for Flash video, which is specifically compressed to stream through the Adobe application. Like any other embedded media player, JW FLV Player will not be able to play Flash video if the Adobe Flash Player plug-in is missing. You can obtain the free Adobe Flash Player plug-in from the Adobe Support Center. It will work with all of the Internet browsers on your system, including Firefox.

Interference from Firefox Add-Ons

If you are viewing a JW Player on a page in Firefox and the Flash video fails to load, an add-on could be suppressing appearance of the media. Flashblock and Flash Killer are examples of Firefox add-ons that prevent Flash elements such as animation and streaming video from rendering on a page. If you are using these add-ons with Firefox, you have some options for managing them. Go to the “Tools” tab on the program menu and select “Add-ons” to access the add-on manager. Highlight the listing for the problematic add-on. To remove it, click the “Uninstall” button. To deactivate it temporarily, click the “Disable” button.

Upgrading Firefox

Performance issues in Internet browsers such as Firefox may be related to unsupported software. Your version of Firefox may be out of date. You can obtain the latest edition of Firefox in just a few clicks. Go to the “Help” tab on the program menu, and click the “Check for Updates…” option. Follow the on-screen instructions in the “Software Update” dialog box, and restart Firefox before you use it again.

Firewall Issues

A firewall blocks unauthorized access to your computer. If you cannot view streaming Flash video through a JW Player, it is possible that your network’s firewall is configured to block communication from the website. While other Internet browsers may not be affected by this setting, you may need to view the streaming Flash video through another network.