List Pros & Cons of Oracle Database 11G

Oracle Database 11G is a database software application provided by Oracle designed for business use. Oracle Database offers companies some features that aren't available in other software programs. Before investing in this solution for your business, you should also consider some of the drawbacks that you may have to deal with.

Customized Applications

One of the potential advantages of using Oracle Database 11G is that it can help you create customized database applications. Instead of getting a standardized database program out of the box, you get a program that can be customized to fit your needs. This makes it possible to create a database that only has the features you need. It also gives you the chance to eliminate any unnecessary features in the database application for your business. It uses open source industry standards to help you have features made specifically for your business.

Data Mining

Oracle Database 11G also helps with data mining. This database application makes it possible to find relationships in data that would otherwise be difficult to find on your own. If you are working with a large amount of data on a regular basis, this can help save you time and find the relationships you need in that data. It also has the ability to discover patterns in the data over time.


One of the potential disadvantages of using Oracle Database 11G is the cost. When you invest in this type of database management software, you will have to pay a fee for the use of the program. If you plan on using the program on multiple computers, you will need to buy licenses for each computer that you utilize it on. If you plan on making the software available on many computers, these costs can really add up.

Learning Curve

Another potential drawback of using Oracle Database 11G is that there is a learning curve involved. This is not something that you can pick up in a short period, if you are unfamiliar with it to begin with. You may need to hire a professional to help you get the program set up and customized to your liking. At that point, you may need to practice with Oracle Database 11G before it becomes simple to use.