LMS Diskette Projects

The Loan Management System (LMS) diskette project is software designed to store financial transactions for companies and employees. It manages repayments and loan amounts. Diskettes are legacy storage devices, but the LMS software can be used to store information on other media, such as compact disks and USB flash drives. Once the information has been stored on some type of media, it can be transferred to a computer for processing alongside other systems. In addition to file maintenance, the software can generate reports and take backups of the data.

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The LMS project can be used in many organizations.

Employer Registration

The first time the program is run, the employer details will be requested. This includes the Employer Social Security System (SSS) Number, Employer Name, Address and Telephone Number. The registration can only be entered once and cannot be altered. However, additional information for the Employer can be amended via the "Employer File Update" options.

Main Options

Main LMS Options

The LMS system has a basic set of options available. These are:

File Maintenance. Report Generation. Restore Backup.

File Maintenance Option

The file maintenance option manages all the processing for employees and employer, including billing records copies, file maintenance and the actual generation of the LMS diskette, including the employer data.


The find option provides the ability to extract details for a set of employees based on the SSS number. If there are more than one, the Next and Previous button appears to allow basic navigation amongst the records. The "Back" button replaces the "Exit" button when using find mode, and as a precaution against accidental updates, the Add, Update and Delete buttons are all disabled.

Generating an LMS Diskette

When generating the LMS Diskette or Reports from the main menu, a dialogue box appears to enter an appropriate working period. This forms the month-year a payment will be processed. By default this is set to the current month-year. This field accepts numeric characters only and contains a valid date.

Employer File Update

A similar dialogue to the Employer Registration option appears here, but unlike the registration dialogue, the Employer Number and Employer Name field are disabled, and the only information that can be changed is the Employer Address and Telephone Number.

Report Generation: Employee File

A list of employees is generated here and the details encoded before being uploaded to the system. It is a useful report from the perspective of confirmation of employee details.

A preview of the report appears on the screen and is available to print.

Report Generation: Transmittal List

Once the report is validated by the SSS, it is then printed. This occurs when the diskette and Special Bank Receipt (SBR) is forwarded to the SSS branch. Both the employer data and the SBR information are encoded. A preview of the report is shown on the screen prior to choosing the print option.

Restore Backup

An automated backup system executes during the Generation of the LMS diskette. The actual data for the backup exists in the "BACKUP" directory. This directory is created if it does not exist.

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