MediaFire Is Not Downloading

MediaFire is a file hosting website that stores documents, music, videos and more on the site's server. When you connect to the site, you can download content from a specific user as long as the files aren't private or password-protected. Download problems are caused by issues with third-party programs. Other download problems usually occur if your wired or wireless network connection stops responding or if the files you're trying to download are no longer available.

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Network Connection

In most cases, you won't be able to download content from MediaFire if your network connection suddenly fails. Network connection problems are usually caused by communication issues between the router, modem and the Internet Service Provider. If you're unable to load pages, restarting your router or modem restores network connectivity. If your computer is still unable to connect to the Internet, the issue may be on your Internet Service Provider's end, so contact the provider for additional troubleshooting information.


MediaFire files are uploaded by everyday users. The files are stored on the hosting site. If a user deletes the file you're trying to download, the process won't complete. In addition, you can only download files you have access to. If a user makes a file unavailable to you, you won't be able to download it. Public files are shareable with other people, but only if the person who uploaded them choose to make them available to others.

Download Manager

MediaFire works in conjunction with download managers or accelerators such as Download Accelerator Plus and GetRight. In some cases, download problems may be attributed to download managers. Download managers organize and speed up downloads. However, if they are corrupt or damaged, they can become incapable of detecting MediaFire downloads. If the download manager isn't responding, uninstall and reinstall it to improve file downloads.


If you started downloading a file from MediaFire but was stopped,you can resume disconnected downloads for up to 24 hours. When you resume a download, the file continues downloading from the point it left off from before the problems began. The download doesn't start all over again.

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