Mini Wireless Mouse Instructions

A mini wireless mouse is a convenient tool for anyone who uses a laptop while traveling or where a corded mouse cannot be used. You can connect a wireless mouse to your computer using a receiver that plugs into a USB port on a laptop or desktop machine. A mini wireless mouse will work with the Windows operating system as well as the Mac OS operating system from Apple.

Hardware Installation

Make sure the mouse is set up properly to work with your laptop or desktop computer. A single AA battery or two AAA batteries will be needed for the device. Once the batteries have been added connect the receiver to a USB port. The receiver is a small device that is needed for the mouse to communicate with the computer. Use the power switch to turn on the device and then power up the computer. The mouse will not work until it is synced with the receiver. Point the mouse at the receiver, press the connect button on the mouse and then the receiver. When the red LED light on the receiver goes out, the mouse has been synced properly.

Software Installation

The operating system should recognize the device and install generic drivers that will allow you to move the mouse pointer on the screen. Use the installation CD to install the software and drivers for the device. Insert the installation CD into the drive and the InstallShield Wizard should appear on the screen. Accept the license agreement and then click the “Next” button. If an installation CD is not included with the device, there may be installation software available at the manufacturer's website.

Button Setup

You can usually use the included software to program the mouse buttons as well as add functionality to the device's scroll wheel. This can include using the scroll wheel to change scrolling options for vertical to horizontal. Use the installed software to program the device or go into the mouse properties from within the Control Panel. The mouse can be set up for a right- or left-handed person by changing the button configuration. The zoom and the amount of scrolling can also be set for the mouse wheel.