Panasonic Phone Troubleshooting

Panasonic manufactures a number of cordless phones. Most of the on-screen error messages on these phones are self-explanatory. For example, if "No link to base. Move Closer to base, try again." comes up on the display, you'll know what to do to correct any transmission problems. But sometimes an issue will arise where there is no clear remedy. This article will help you troubleshoot such situations.

Handset and/or Base Fail to Power-up.

If the handset and/or base just do not work at all, make sure the battery is fully charged. If you are sure the battery is charged, you might need to clean the battery contacts--you can use a little sandpaper, or some wire wool. Check that the battery is seated correctly. Unplug the base unit and plug it in again.

Poor Sound Quality

Static or the audio cutting in and out can be caused by electrical interference. Move the phone away from other electrical appliances. If that doesn't work, then you will need to be closer to the base unit. Make sure the base unit antenna is raised fully.

Handset Issues

If the handset doesn't ring, check that the ringer isn't turned off. It should be set to high, medium or low. If the handset display is blank, fully charge the battery. If you have any problems programming functions into the handset, you may need to get closer to the base unit. Don't pause too long between programming and make sure the line is not in use.

Dialing Issues

If you are having problems dialing long-distance calls, make sure your phone company is providing you with long-distance service. Make sure you have paid the bill. Check if Caller IQ is on; if so, you may need to turn it off.

Caller Identification Issues

If the Caller ID is not appearing on the screen and you have subscribed to the service, make sure any other phones you have are not interfering. Disconnect your other phones to see if, by a process of elimination, the problem goes away. Some callers will block their caller identification. If this is an intermittent problem, then that may be the cause.


If the ringer/message alert indicator light slowly flashes, and the handset is not being used or not ringing, you have messages in your voice mailbox. Listen to the messages, or you can turn this feature off in the programming menu. It is normal for the charge indicator light to remain on, even when the unit is fully charged.