Picasa Error 9912

Picasa is an application by Google that allows you to upload images to your Picasa account and organize them into different albums to view, store and share with others over the Internet. You can also use your Picasa images on other Google applications, like Blogger and Google Plus. Sometimes when uploading images from an iPhone, however, users see a message that says "ICA error code --9912." This error can happen because there are files that don't actually exist appearing on your iPhone, you have not agreed to Picasa's terms of service or you have not updated your Picasa software.

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You may receive Error 9912 if the Picasa photo-sharing software on your iPhone is not up to date.
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Image Capture

You can fix the error by removing all the photos and videos from your iPhone and starting fresh. You can store them in Image Capture. Image Capture is an application on Mac computers that allows you to upload pictures and videos from digital cameras, including the iPhone. You can use Image Capture to upload all the photos and videos from your iPhone, and then delete all the content from your iPhone. Then, when you try to upload new images from your iPhone to Picasa, there will be no error messages. To do this, connect your iPhone to your computer and open Image Capture. Select your iPhone under "Devices" and import all the content. Select all the photos and videos on your iPhone and click the "Delete All" button. Then, after you have taken new photos, connect the iPhone to your computer and import into Picasa.

Blank .PNG files

Sometimes the error 9912 message appears because blank .PNG files that do not actually exist on your iPhone will appear when trying to import, keeping you from uploading files to Picasa. To remove these files, connect your iPhone to your computer and open the "iTunes_Control" folder. Find the files named "iPhotoAlbumPrefs" and delete them. Disconnect your phone from your computer, reconnect it and import the files to Picasa.

Terms of Service

If you did not agree to Picasa's Terms of Service when creating an account, you will not be allowed to upload any photos from any device, including the iPhone, to your Picasa account. To check if you have agreed to the terms of service, go to the Picasa website and log in with your account. If you have not, the terms of service agreement will appear; click "Accept." If you are using Safari select "Preferences" from the top of your browser, and then click "Security." Under "Accept Cookies" change the setting from "Never" to the setting you prefer. With the setting "Never," you will not be able to import.

Update Picasa for Mac

If you are a Mac user, then you are using Picasa for Mac to import photos from any devices to your Picasa account. If you are not using the latest version, however, errors will appear when the Picasa software isn't compatible with the version of your operating system on your computer or iPhone. To update your version of Picasa for Mac, go to the Picasa website and click "Download Picasa for Mac."

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