POP3 Setting for Prodigy Mail

Prodigy was a leading Internet service provider in the 1990s and underwent several acquisitions. Existing customers still have access to email services, but users must replace the Prodigy POP3 settings in their email programs with new settings, based on the Yahoo! domain.

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In 2000, SBC acquired Prodigy. Existing Prodify customers were allowed to continue accessing their email accounts. The company operated under the name SBC Yahoo! for six years, until SBC merged with AT&T and re-branded the new company as AT&T Yahoo! Currently, the company offers dial-up and DSL Internet services and supports retired services of its previous acquisitions, including Prodigy.


Former Prodigy customers desiring to access their email using the POP3 protocol and an email client such as Outlook Express or Mozilla Thunderbird should enter "pop.prodigy.yahoo.com" (without quotes) as their POP3 server address. Users who also wish to use the Prodigy server to send outgoing email should enter "smtp.prodigy.yahoo.com" as their SMTP server address. A username (typically, the user's email address) and password must also be entered to complete the connection.


Email programs such as Mozilla Thunderbird allow users to choose whether to leave emails on the server or permanently delete the messages from the server once they have been downloaded. Users who wish to access their email accounts from locations other than the computer where the downloaded messages are stored should not select this option.

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