Selenium IDE Is Not Showing in Firefox

By William Pullman

The Selenium Integrated Development Environment Firefox add-on allows you to run tests on Web applications. The Selenium IDE is located in the Firefox Tools menu. The option won't appear in the menu if you don't restart Firefox after installing the add-on, or if you have an old version of the add-on installed and you have recently updated Firefox. Installing the latest version of Selenium IDE should return the function to Firefox. Unlike other add-ons, Selenium IDE is not available from the Firefox add-ons manager; rather, you can download Selenium IDE from the SeleniumHQ website.

Step 1

Restart Firefox and check to see if Selenium IDE appears in the Tools menu.

Step 2

Navigate to the SeleniumHQ Downloads website and click the latest version of Selenium IDE. A message appears at the top of the browser informing you that Firefox stopped the website from installing Selenium IDE.

Step 3

Click the "Allow" button to the right of the message to continue installing the add-on. A window labeled Software Installation appears on the screen.

Step 4

Click "Install Now" to install the updated Selenium IDE.

Step 5

Restart Firefox to complete the installation. If you don't restart the browser, Selenium IDE won't appear in Firefox.

Step 6

Click "Tools" and "Selenium IDE" to use the add-on.