The Advantages of an Advanced Search

The Internet allows people all over the world access to a nearly endless wealth of information with a few taps on a keyboard. But sometimes when you're searching for an answer or data, you can find yourself buried under too much information. Using an advanced search brings advantages when trying to find the information you need.

Eliminates Unwanted Results

If you're searching for something specific, an advanced search allows you to weed out unwanted websites and results, by giving you the option to put in an exact phrase or making sure the results contain a certain word. So for example, if you want to look up "Alaskan vacation deals," the advanced search will make sure you don't have to weed through vacation deals for other destinations. You'll only be given vacation deals with "Alaskan." You can also chose specific words you don't want to appear in your search selections, and you can choose safety filters, allowing you to keep the results from showing explicit or adult-oriented content.

Gets Specific

By using an advanced search, you can select specifically what you're looking for, even domain suffixes. So if you only want websites that contain .gov, .org or .edu, you can specify this, directing your search to what you want. You can choose how far back you want your search to go, which can be extremely helpful if you only want current information. Advanced searches also allow you to select languages, particular countries and a specific number of results per page. If you feel you've gotten too specific, you can always widen your search

Saves Time

By blocking unwanted results and getting specific, advanced searches save time. You don't have to weed through unnecessary pages of irrelevant results. You can focus on the specifics. It's easy to feel overwhelmed by search results and get frustrated because you're wasting energy and minutes thinking about how difficult it is to simply get the information you're searching for.