The Disadvantages of Twitter

Twitter is a social networking platform that lets people follow your activities throughout the day. You are able to post major events that may be of business or personal relevance. Although, it is used far more for the practice of anecdotal play-by-plays of one's life, such as what was for lunch and how it made her feel. While Twitter has penetrated a worldwide market of followers, many feel there are disadvantages to the Twitter platform.

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Impersonal Relationships

It is not uncommon to hear someone boast about how many followers she has on Twitter. This suggests a high number of impersonal relationships; people who will follow you not because they know you very well, but because they are hoping for "following reciprocation." There are too many people who mistake the following of another person's life as having an actual relationship with that person, according to Lev Grossman of "Time" magazine. The reality is, while you may know what someone likes for dessert, how many times she walks her dog and the color of her pajamas, you really are not connecting with her.

Reducing Compassion

According to a CNN report, Twitter and other social networking tools can possibly numb a person's level of compassion. As widespread as Twitter is, this could become a social morality nightmare, where people become indifferent to human suffering and, possibly, even enjoy watching train wrecks as they happen. The reason is that information is passed too quickly through the Twitter platform, and the brain cannot digest the true emotional content of one "tweet" or a series of them.

Time Consumption

Twitter can consume your time. Work, real social interactions and rest can all suffer if you are constantly tweeting and following other tweets. You can check Twitter updates from your phone and send messages from anywhere. In theory, many people use this as an escape from their own surroundings, paying more attention to Twitter updates, rather than reading that pertinent work email or report sitting on their desk.

Internet Predators

As with any social platform provided through an online service, subscribers can fall prey to predators. As a subscriber with followers, you may not realize exactly who is following you, whether it is an ex-boyfriend, a stalker or sex offender. The use of Twitter has increased the level of accepted social voyeurism, where people are comfortable sharing "bowel movement schedules" to their list of followers.

In addition to social predators, there are career and financial interests watching your every move. If you pose the wrong image online, you may be passed up for a promotion, considered undesirable for hire or, even, denied disability benefits for having too much fun.

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