The External Speaker on My iPad Does Not Work

By Tyson Cliffton

The iPad features two speakers on the bottom of the device located on each side of the Lightning connector. A variety of operator errors and device issues can result in the speakers either not working or appearing not to work. If you're not getting any sound out of your iPad's external speakers, a few troubleshooting steps can help determine if you can fix the problem yourself or whether your device needs professional repair.

Side Switch

If the side switch along the right edge of your iPad is in Silent mode, no audio will be played through the device's external speaker. The side switch is set to Silent mode if it's exposing an orange dot. Move it in the opposite direction to turn Silent mode off.


Ensure that no device is connected to the iPad's headphone jack. The iPad automatically detects when a device is connected to the iPad's headphone jack. When an external device is detected as being connected to the headphone jack, no audio is played through the iPad's external speaker. I nothing is currently plugged into the headphone jack, connect and then disconnect a pair of headphones to ensure the sensor wasn't incorrectly detecting that a pair of headphones that had been previously removed.

Volume Settings

You may not be hearing audio through the external speaker because the Volume Limit is turned all the way down. You can check this feature by tapping "Settings" and then "Music," then adjusting the Volume Limit field as necessary. Alternatively, make sure the volume isn't turned all the way down.

Software Glitch and Apps

The problem may stem from a software glitch with your iPad that requires you to perform a hard reset on your device to resolve the issue. You can perform a hard reset by holding the iPad's Power button down until the device turns off. Alternatively, the problem may not be with your iPad at all, but rather an issue with a non-native app; this is likely the case if audio plays normally on all other apps. Check the app's settings for audio options; if that doesn't help, try deleting and then reinstalling the app to see if this is the issue.