The Gateway LE1936 Monitor Specifications

The Gateway LE1936 is a 19 inch monitor also known as the FPD1975W. This monitor is a widescreen LCD display. The FPD1975W has both VGA and DVI outputs. Gateway offers EZTune Anti-Theft Software for this monitor. EZTune secures the hardware with a PIN code. This feature will render the monitor disabled when detached from the computer.

TFTLCD stands for thin film transistor liquid crystal display.

Panel Size and Type

The Gateway LE1936 is a 19 inch diagonal LCD color active matrix TFT WXGA monitor. This monitor also features anti-glare coating.

Pixel Pitch and Resolution

The Gateway FPD1975W/LE1936 has a maximum native resolution of 1400 by 900 pixels. The pitch for this model is 0.0112 by 0.0112 inches (0.2835 millimeters by 0.2835 millimeters).

Monitor and Lamp Life

The monitor and lamp for this model are both rated at 50,000 hours lifetime.

Weight and Dimensions

With the base stand, the monitor weighs 9.8 pounds; and its dimensions are 17.51 by 12.55 by 7.03 inches. Without the base stand, it weighs 8.6 pounds; and its dimensions are 17.51 by 12.55 by 2.29 inches.

Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio refers to the ratio of screen width to its height. The aspect ratio for this monitor is 16 to 10; this is the typical aspect ratio for widescreen monitors.

Brightness and Contrast Ratio

The Gateway LE1936 has a brightness ratio of 300 candela per square meter. Brightness is a measure of the intensity of the lightest setting of the screen. The dynamic contrast ratio is 700 to 1. Contrast ratio compares the lightest and darkest potential settings of the screen.

Viewing Angles

The horizontal viewing angle for this monitor is 150 degrees, and the vertical viewing angle is 135 degrees. Viewing angle refers to the appearance of the screen as one moves away from the central point.

Response Time

Response time refers to how quickly pixels on the screen can change from one color to another. The response time of the Gateway FPD1975W/LE1936 is eight milliseconds.

Color Depth

The color depth for the Gateway FPD1975W is 16.2 million colors. This is the total color potential for a monitor with 6-bit color depth and frame rate control.


This monitor can be connected with either an analog or digital connector. A 15-pin VGA connector comes with the monitor. A DVI digital 24-pin connector is an available option.

Power Usage

During normal operation, the Gateway FPD1975W/LE1936 should consume less than 38 watts of power. When in power-save mode, it should use less than two watts. This monitor is Energy Star compliant.