The Specifications for a MMC-16M Multimedia Card

A MMC-16M multimedia card is a flash memory card, used for a slew of consumer electronics, from laptop PCs to digital cameras. The most popular multimedia card is from flash memory card manufacturer SanDisk, a company partly responsible for establishing the standard.

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"MMC-16M" stands for the amount of flash memory the card carries; in this case, the card has 16 megabytes, or MB. SanDisk manufactures multimedia cards of up to 256 MB, with 16 MB being its smallest capacity.

Use and Compatibility

SanDisk designs the MMC-16M multimedia card for portable digital music players, smart phones and digital camcorders. Also, the company makes the flash memory card for PCs and Mac computers so that users can transfer data from the aforementioned devices.

Physical Specs

The SanDisk MMC-16M multimedia card weighs 2.1 oz. Its physical dimensions are 1.5-by-1-by-0.1 inches in length, width and height, respectively.

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