TomTom Map Update Problems

When a problem prevents you from downloading and installing updated maps on your TomTom GPS, you must determine the cause of the problem before you can successfully update your device. Turning your computer or GPS off during the download and installation process may often prevent the TomTom maps from updating properly. In addition, security and browser settings may prevent you from downloading the updated maps to your computer.

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Security Settings

Certain system and network settings may prevent the download of map updates. Your computer must have complete access to the Internet. Therefore, you may need to modify firewall and router settings to allow this access. The steps necessary to perform this task vary with the equipment used. Refer to your router manufacturer's user guide for specific instructions. Consult with your system administrator if attempting to perform the map update using a computer at work.

Popup Blocker

Web browser popup blockers may also interfere with the update process. Temporarily turning off the blocker may allow the TomTom software the necessary access to download the updated map. To turn off the popup blocker on Internet Explorer, click "Tools," Pop-Up Blocker" and "Turn Off Pop-Up Blocker." Do not forget to turn the blocker on once you complete the download.

Inadequate Disk Space

The updated maps contain more information than previously installed maps. As a result, additional space is required to download and install these maps successfully. An updated map downloads to your computer in a compressed format. When you extract the file, the map require double the size of the compressed file to open properly. Open "Computer" on your Windows desktop, right-click the icon representing your computer's hard drive, then click the "Properties" tab to confirm you have adequate available disk space on the machine. Because of the increased size of the new map, you may find that your TomTom device does not contain the necessary free space to install the map. Purchase a larger memory card for your TomTom to resolve the problem and install the updated maps.

Interrupted Download Using MyTomTom

When something interrupts the map download while using the MyTomTom software, the download continues automatically the next time you reboot your computer and connect to the Internet. If the download stalls and an error message appears on the screen, empty the cache in the MyTomTom program by clicking the TomTom logo in the Windows system tray, then clicking "Settings," the "Cache" tab, "Empty the Cache" and "Save Settings." The map update should automatically begin to download.

Interrupted Download Using TomTom Home

When you use the TomTom Home software and something interrupts the map download, start the download process again. Click "Update My Device," then click the "Update and Install" option. If the map does not download, you must manually delete the partially downloaded map from your documents folder. To delete the map, close the TomTom software and click "Start," "Computer" and "Documents." Click "TomTom," "Home," Download" and "Temp." Delete all files from the Temp folder, then open the TomTom HOME software and download the map again.

Interrupted Installation Using TomTom HOME

Occasionally, something may interrupt the installation of the map update after the download completes. When this occurs using the TomTom HOME software, clicking "Add Traffic, Voices, Safety Cameras etc" followed by "Items on My Computer" starts the map update installation. Do not turn off your TomTom or your computer during the installation process.

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