How to Turn Your Sticky Keys Off

By Andrew Todd

Sticky keys are a part of the accessibility features of the Windows operating system. When sticky keys are enabled, users can access functions that require pressing multiple modifier keys such as "Ctrl," "Alt" and "Shift" at once by pressing one button at a time. If sticky keys are enabled, it is possible to accidentally turn them on at an unwanted time. After turning off the sticky keys, disable the feature to prevent them from accidentally turning on again.

Step 1

Press the "Shift" button five times in a row to turn off sticky keys.

Step 2

Open the "Start" menu and then click "Control Panel."

Step 3

Click "Ease of Access Center" from within the Control Panel window.

Step 4

Click "Make The Keyboard Easier To Use" from within the Ease of Access Center window.

Step 5

Remove the check-mark beside "Turn On Sticky Keys" to prevent sticky keys from being accidentally turned on.

Step 6

Click "Apply" to save your changes and then click "OK" to close the window.