Types of USB Flash Drives

By Jennifer M. Graham

USB flash drives are portable devices that hold large amounts of data in a small package. These drives consist of a flash memory storage section attached to a USB connector. Many come preloaded with popular software such as Skype or games. They are most convenient for transporting data from one PC with USB ports to another.


Secure USB flash drives are protected by hardware encryption, software encryption, biometric methods that require a fingerprint or even a physical combination lock.


Music USB flash drives play mp3s and can come with speakers or led displays.

Boot Drives

USB flash drives can be turned into boot drives through a utility such as HP's drive key boot utility.


USB flash drives can differ in appearance from the common flat, finger-sized model to more elaborate designs.


Typically, the USB connector is covered by a removable cap, the connector retracts into the drive or an attached cover swings over the connector to protect it.