What Are the Causes of a Blurry Monitor?

When people speak of a blurry monitor, they are, to be more precise, speaking of a blurry screen, typically on a personal computer, or PC. Blurry screens make working on a PC extremely difficult and unpleasant. What’s more, they can cause strained vision and headaches. In some cases though, as computer expert David A. Karp points out, the monitor itself is not to blame. If all else fails, take your PC to a repair shop. You may need a replacement video card or other parts.

A blurred screen may indicate serious health problems - in your PC or you.


Check to ensure your monitor cable is correctly connected to your PC base unit. If it has worked loose, this may be causing the blurriness. Check the menu options on your monitor, normally accessible with a button at front, marked “Menu.” Change contrast and brightness, focus, horizontal and vertical position, color and on-screen display area, to verify if any of these make a difference. Use the auto config option or select reset to have your monitor automatically configure, or reset, itself.

Screen Resolution

If none of these options improves the situation, according to Karp, if you are a Windows XP user, you should right-click an empty part of your desktop. Click "Properties" and the "Settings" tab. Slide the "Screen Resolution" slider until the blurriness desists. For post-XP operating systems, right-click an empty part of your desktop and click “Screen Resolution.” The Windows recommended setting should already be selected. Click on the down arrow to try other options.

Dirty Screen

Dust and grime can cause a PC screen to look blurry. Typical household grime can be the cause, or if you touch the screen often, hand lotion and other products on your hands and fingers can get left behind. Switch off and unplug your PC and follow the monitor manufacturer’s instructions, which vary widely, for cleaning your monitor screen.

You Need Glasses

If your vision has changed to the degree that you now require spectacles, the screen of your monitor may appear blurry. If other objects also appear blurry, it is a sure sign you need to take an eye test. Contact an optician without delay. If you have any other symptoms associated with your blurred vision, such as headache, sickness or dizzy spells, you ought to go and see your doctor, according to Medline Plus.