What Does Disqus Shortname on Tumblr Mean?

By Steve McDonnell

A Disqus shortname is the code you use to link your Tumblr blog with your account on Disqus, a blog commenting platform.

A Disqus shortname is the URL prefix of your Disqus account. It links your Tumblr blog to your Disqus account so your readers can post new comments and reply to other readers' comments about your Tumblr blog posts. This helps you create conversations around the topics you write about and helps build a community around the key issues you discuss in your blog.

To add Disqus to your Tumblr blog, you must sign up on the Disqus website and enable Disqus on your blog using your Disqus URL prefix, or shortname.

Disqus Registration

Step 1

Click the Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus icons to sign up with your credentials from that site. Or type your name, email and a password and choose Sign Up. You must confirm your email by clicking the link in an email message from Disqus if you choose the email signup option.

Step 2

Add Disqus to a site.

Log in to your new Disqus account. Click the Gear icon in the upper-right corner of the screen and choose Add Disqus to Site.

Step 3

Accept or create a Disqus shortname.

Type the name of your blog and either accept the default Disqus URL or type your own prefix for your disqus.com URL. This is the shortname you must include on Tumblr. Select a category and choose Finish Registration to continue.

Step 4

Select Tumblr from the Disqus choices.

Choose Tumblr for your platform.

Step 5

Review instructions to add Disqus to Tumblr.

Review the instructions to add Disqus to your blog.

Disqus Integration

Step 1

Go to the Tumblr Edit Appearance screen.

Log in to Tumblr and choose Edit Appearance from the menu.

Step 2

Using Edit Theme, you can add Disqus.

Select Edit Theme.

Step 3

Use your Disqus shortname.

Type your Disqus shortname to integrate Disqus into your Tumblr blog and theme.