What Format Do You Use to Burn a DVD so a DVD Player Can Read It?

DVD media come in several different formats and types. Burning a DVD does not necessarily mean you can play it in all DVD players, because DVD players may only support certain formats.

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DVDs come in several formats.

The Facts

Not all DVD players support all of the DVD formats. You must burn your DVD in a format accepted by your DVD player, according to electronics expert Loren Barstow from Crutchfield.


If you cannot determine which formats are supported by your DVD player, choose DVD-R. According to Video Help, 93 percent of DVD players accept the DVD-R format.


Be careful when purchasing blank DVD media to look at the label. DVD-R and DVD+R are not the same format. In addition, avoid DVD-RW discs on older machines; only 80 percent of new DVD players support DVD rewritable.

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