What is a DNS Error?

When a Domain Name System, or DNS, error occurs on the computer, it makes it nearly impossible for you to do anything on the Internet. After understanding why DNS errors occur, work to resolve the error quickly and get back to surfing the Web.

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DNS errors limit your ability to use the Internet.

DNS Function

When you send an email or access a website, the DNS matches the name of the website to a numerical Internet Protocol address. IP addresses route traffic on the Internet.

Check Listings

The HOSTS file on your computer maps DNS listings to IP addresses. If you can't connect, open the HOSTS file on your computer using Notepad and delete the entry for the website that's sending a DNS error. When you re-try the site, the DNS listing is updated with the current IP address.

Check Your DNS

If your DNS setting is invalid, you'll receive DNS errors. Use your Internet service provider's utility to automatically receive your DNS rather than setting it manually to clear the problem.

Computer Not Connected

Verify that your computer is on the local network by checking if your computer can reach the home or office router. If not, the DNS error generates because the computer is not able to connect to the network.

Internet Connection Down

If no websites are working, your Internet connection may be down. Power off the modem, and then turn it on after a minute. If the DNS errors persist, contact your ISP.

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